English lessons

I have been focusing on translation work of late but am nevertheless available for a English lessons, including via Skype, with camera. My Skype handle is unclepauley.

For the various private and public schools where I have worked in Italy and Ireland (where I taught Italian) please see my CV.

I teach English at all levels, from beginner to advanced, grammar or conversation. I have helped many students, both in the private and state school sectors, youth and adults, office and factory workers, to obtain good-excellent grades in the internationally recognised Cambridge exams Preliminary English Test (PET) and First Certificate in English (FCE). I have also prepared a number of students for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) paper and computer based exams (though the latter has now been abolished in favour of the TOEFL internet based test (iBT)), again with good levels of success.

I do not follow any particular teaching method and subordinate grammar to fluency or vice-versa according to what I think a student needs in order to make progress at any given moment in time. I do, however, stress that students need to take responsibility for their own learning, especially by reading newspapers, short stories and novels and by watching television and listening to music.

My rates are 40 euro per hour. Discounts for secondary school students.



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