Profile pic for FBHello, my name is Paul O’Brien and I’m 56 years old. I’m originally from Ireland but have been living in Italy since 1994. I have worked as a language teacher and as a part-time university lecturer in Italian and modern European history both in Ireland and Italy.

At present I earn a living primarily as public and media relations officer for an oil&as multi-national. When not working, I spend most of my time studying for a law degree with the University of London International Programme. I have rediscovered my passion for the study of Ancient Israel and have fallen in with the Low Chronology school led by Israel Finkelstein. I go running with a local club, train with weights at a local gym, do Argentine tango and occasionally play chess. I also dedicate as much time as possible to practicing piano, which I have taken up again after a 27 year break. My performances on YouTube can be viewed here.

For more about translation or proofreading projects, please go here. Details of my academic background are available at this link, whereas information on my book and other publications can be found here. Finally, please feel free to download my CV. Thank you very much for visiting this site.


3 comments on “Welcome

  1. John Keating says:

    Paul, I was researching my Grandfather’s time with Mussolini in WWI, where he was a sergeant, Giovanni Boiardi. They were in the hospital together for a long time and they became livelong friends, which happens in war, and my grandfather became president of the Italian/American Fascist Party. He visited with Mussolini over the years after the war, had an audience with the Pope with him, and kept him up to date on the happenings in the USA. I will definitely read your book first along with his war diary. Had you come across my grandfather in your research?

    • paulobrien says:

      Hi John. Congrats again on your great research. Hope you like and can share this short video presentation: http://youtu.be/oo4ifTAnRHE

      • Keating, John (DEP) says:

        Paul, I still haven’t done any further research and do not know exactly how my grandfather knew/met Mussolini. Your research has shown that they did not serve together in WWI. My Grandfather was the head of the Boston area Fascist League of North America. The story is that Cardinal O’Conner of the Boston Arch Diocese wanted to thank Mussolini for allowing Parochial schools to continue in Italy after the Fascist Party took over. My grandfather delivered the present from the Cardinal to Mussolini and they had an audience with the Pope. The Pope asked my grandfather if he could do anything for him, and he asked the pope to send an Italian priest over to the Boston suburb of Somerville because the non English speaking old Italian ladies didn’t want to give their confessions to non Italian speaking priests in the suburbs of Boston; it was hard for them to make the trip to east Boston which is where all the Italian priests were. I will research with the Arch Diocese and the FBI to see if I can get more information.

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